Happy Diwali

Thank you to Aaryan and Avani for telling us all about the
Hindu celebration of Diwali. Aaryan gave the class a lovely card and Avani
brought in two special little ornaments to show us. You may have heard
fireworks outside this evening to mark the celebration. Happy Diwali!

London’s Burning

As we are in our final week of learning about the Great Fire of London,
today was time to recreate the event for ourselves. After carefully making
our own houses and assembling the miniature model of London, we went
outside this afternoon to watch Mr V set fire to the mini Farriner’s Bakery
on Pudding Lane. Thank you to all the other year groups for coming out to
watch. We hope you enjoyed it and the video will be on here soon.

Salt Dough Sculptures.

Today we made salt dough sculptures of something that symbolises the Great
Fire of London to us. There were lots of brilliant creations from St Paul’s
Cathedral to newly designed ‘Monuments.’ The sculptures have spent the
evening in the oven, ready to be painted tomorrow… Watch out for our
finished masterpieces.

Great Fire of London Story

The children were transported to 1666 and set a role play challenge. Five
groups were each given a day from the Great Fire of London to act out, from
Sunday 2nd September to Thursday 6th September 1666. They did a fantastic
job of showing us what happened on each day and what it might have been
like to be there.