Autumn Scents

This afternoon we created some brilliant autumn scents in Forest School. We
collected different things outside and put them in a cup. Using a stick, we
mixed everything together to create many different smells. They all smelt
strong, but different and they were given some fantastic names…. ‘Flowers
and Bubbles,’ ‘Fruity and Carroty,’ and ‘The Smell That Makes You Become a

Punctuation Pros

This week we practised using question marks correctly. To do so, we had to
come up with four questions to ask a classmate about our trip to the
Gunpowder Mills. We thought of some great questions such as… What was
your favourite part of the day? Who did you sit next to on the coach? After
this we went round the room and interviewed each other using our questions.
There were fantastic conversations happening around the room and it helped
us to get our question marks in the correct places.

Forest School

Today we enjoyed a walk around the field, looking for remaining signs of
autumn. We found some lovely leaves as well as spotting other interesting
things such as different coloured/shaped mushrooms. Our favourite part was
to walk in the muddy parts of the field and we loved getting really mucky.

Firefighter’s Visit

This week we were lucky enough to have Niamh’s dad, a firefighter, come in
to visit us. He told us all about what it would have been like to
help during the Great Fire of London and the differences between fires then
and now. He also gave us lots of facts about his job and showed us his
uniform. We got to try on his helmet and gloves and Miss Balan had to try
on the whole uniform as quick as she could. It was great fun and a really
interesting lesson. Thanks Julian!

Gunpowder Mills

We had a fantastic trip to the Gunpowder Mills yesterday. We got to take
part in five activities to help us learn more about life in the 1600s in
England. First we listened to Margaret tell us about home life by showing
us her kitchen, whilst Caleb and Amy dressed up as her servants. They had
to cook the food and sweep the floor. We smelt many different ingredients
they would have used as well as their own traditional meal called pottage.
After this we learned about the letter the king received to warn him about
the gunpowder and we made our own quills then tried them out on parchment
paper. Next we watched a very funny play to show us what happened during
the plot. After lunch, we had a look at and tried out some toys used by
children in the 1600s. Finally we got to make our own lanterns to replicate
those used by Guy Fawkes whilst he hid in the basement. All in all it was a
very interactive and enjoyable day had by everyone.

Leaf Paradise

The year 2 children have been very busy collecting leaves from ‘leaf
paradise’ – an area outside named by year 2 because of it’s amazing autumn
leaves of all colours, shapes and sizes. They found leaves they liked,
brought them inside to paint and then created some wonderful prints and