V & A Trip Information

Just a late reminder about our trip tomorrow. Please arrive at school at
8:30 prompt, as we need to leave early to get there during rush hour.
Children will need lunch in a plastic bag with their name on. We will be
arriving back at the normal time and are really looking forward to it.

Cezanne Still Life

Today we looked at the artist Paul Cezanne. We discussed his work and how
he liked to paint ‘still life.’ After looking at some examples of his work,
we had our own still life objects set up on each table. These included
animal skulls, bottles, fruit and vases. We looked carefully at what we
could see on the table from the angle we were sitting, then sketched this
in our art books. We rotated around the room so we got to draw five
different still life pictures.

Money Money Money

Today we have been learning about money in maths. After doing different
activities involving recognising coins and making totals, we played a game
of money snap. We had to match certain coins with the written amount of
money. It was good fun and we really challenged ourselves. Please use
opportunities at home, with any loose change, to reinforce the concept of

Monet’s Lilies

The artist we looked at this week was Monet. We loved his style of painting
and were interested in all the shades of colours and fine details he used.
We compared his style to the other artists we have looked at including
Picasso and LS Lowry. Next we tried to recreate some of his famous lily
painting using oil pastels and we produced many more works of art.

Skittles Pictograms

This week in maths we have been looking at statistics. As part of our work
on pictograms, we decided to investigate how many of each colour is found
in a packet of skittles. In our table groups, we sorted a packet of
skittles into colours. We constructed a pictogram to record the number of
each colour skittle found and then answered questions based on the data we
collected. The best part, we thought, was being able to eat some of them