Show and Tell Round 2

Well done to everyone who showed something to the class today, you did a
terrific job at talking about your chosen object and answering questions on
the spot. Well done to the audience too for asking lots of clever
questions, it showed you were really listening.

Today we had Abigail show her ballet shoes, medal and certificates, Taylor
showed some stickers he got when he went to watch the racing with his dad
and brother. Maddie showed us a puppet her mum brought her back from Italy
and Robyn showed us a special pen she uses to write with. Macie talked to
us about Brownies and the things she uses there and Evie showed us her
Build-a-Bear called Sophie. Avani had a sand art from the Isle of Wight and
Aaryan had a special Indian outfit and magnet of the Taj Mahal. Eva did a
marvellous magic trick for us and Alex showed us his Blue Peter badge.

Well done everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing some more
exciting things tomorrow from those yet to show.

We Love Reading

Last week during our morning reading session, we absolutely loved sharing
books with one another. We really liked looking through the big books, as
well as our chosen class books from the library. It was great to share
stories, recite poems and talk about all the interesting things we
had read.

Show and Tell

This week in year 2, the children can bring in something special from
home to show the class. Today our first few children got to show their
things. Dylan showed an Arsenal stadium he built with his dad, Sonny showed
some football medals he’d won, Aathira showed a special pen she got from
Ireland and the story she’s writing with it, Alice showed the jewellery box
she got for Christmas and Jafar showed his new Skylander toys. The
children were extremely articulate about telling us what they had chosen.
In the same way, the audience asked some fantastic, thoughtful questions.
Well done year 2, we look forward to seeing some more of your chosen things

Letters to the Queen

Whilst learning about England, year 2 decided to write to the Queen to tell
her all the things they love about England. Their writing was absolutely
fantastic, with such thoughtful and interesting letters. Also wonderful
portraits of the Queen too. We were so impressed! We have posted all the
letters and pictures to Buckingham Palace and now eagerly await a response.
Fingers crossed. We will let you know as soon as we receive one.

Damian Hirst

As we have been studying the UK, England in particular, we have also been
looking at English artists. Last week we looked at The Splash by David
Hockney and this week we explored lots of pattern paintings by Damian
Hirst. During art this week, we recreated some of these patterns. We had to
construct three paintings to replicate Hirst’s work. For one painting we
used straws, another marbles and the last one blocks, duplo, cubes and
counters. As usual, we created some terrific works of art!

Sunflowers in Science

During science this half term, we have been learning about plants and plant
growth. Last week, we planted our own sunflower seeds and each day, it is
someone’s job to make sure they have been watered. Today we noticed that
the plants have started to grow, some more than others and we were very
excited. Watch this space for more updates about our sunflowers.

Continents and Oceans

So far during our new topic, Globe Trotters, we have focused on the UK as
well as learning where and what the continents and oceans of the world are.
We used atlases to help us locate and name the seven continents and five
oceans. We have also learned the four countries and their capital cities
that make up the UK. Please challenge us to see if we can remember these
place names…