Forest School Bug Hotels

In Science we have been learning all about animals. We spoke about classifying animals into different categories. One of the categories was insects and we discussed how insects live in habitats which must be suitable for them to survive in. In the forest, we created our own bug habitats and considered what these bugs might need to stay alive. We made sure they would have food, water and shelter and that their home was comfortable.

Wonderful Readers

In year 2, when someone wins the Star Pupil award, they can bring in a book
from home to read to the class. Here is a photo of Ruby reading her book
‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea.’ It was a true delight to watch Ruby share this
story, sitting in the teacher’s chair with the whole class listened
attentively. Don’t forget to bring in a book if you win!


Here are some photos from when we learned another great poem by Spike
Milligan… Worm. We had to practise it in groups and could come up with
our own actions. Each group then performed it in front of the class. It was
clear to see we are natural born performers in year 2.


We had our very first drumming lesson with Mr Earley on Thursday. It was
great fun and we learned how to copy a rhythm, follow the instructions
carefully and stop when told. Mr Earley was extremely impressed with how
well we could listen and we earned some jewels for our jar.

Nigel the Newt

Look what the children found during our Forest School bug hunt… We
couldn’t confirm what it was but our best guess was a newt. It was found
under a log on the field by the roundhouse. We noticed it camouflaged to
its surroundings and it was fascinating to look at. We wanted to keep it as
a pet but after deciding that probably wasn’t the best idea, we named it
Nigel and returned it to where it was first found. The children checked
back the next day and it was still there under the log, this time a
different colour. Well done year 2 for a whole new bug hunting adventure.


During our PE lessons on a Thursday we will be learning some different
dance routines, taught by Miss Barnfield. This week we started learning the
first part of the routine to the song Take You to Rio, from the film Rio.
The children were incredible and everyone gave the routine 110%. We hope to
bring parents in to show them once it is perfected as we think you’d love
to see it. Watch this space.

Forest School Bug Hunt

We have begun our science topic learning about animals, starting with
animal classification. We spoke about the ways we could put animals into
specific groups based on their similarities and differences. We discussed
insects as a group of animals and went outside to see what insects we could
find and whether we could find any that belong to other animal groups such
as arachnids.

London Projects

Here are the rest of the photos of us sharing our fantastic London summer
homework projects. The children worked so hard on them and we had lots of
fantastic representations of Historical London from New Scotland Yard to
Notting Hill Carnival. It’s been so interesting to read some truly
individual pieces of work. They are up on display in year 2 so please come
and check them out.

London Projects

Thank you to those who have brought in their wonderful London projects to
share with us. You have worked so hard to complete these interesting,
detailed pieces of work and I have really enjoyed looking at them.

Here are some pictures of the children who have shared their work so far.
They were able to stand up and present their projects to the class as well
as hold a short question and answer session once they had presented.

Well done!