Questions and Statements

Today we have been looking at different types of sentences, focusing on
statements and questions. We discussed the fact that a statement tells us
something and ends with a full stop where as a question asks us something,
requires an answer and ends with a question mark. We had a go at thinking
of our own statements and then we came up with some of some questions of
our own. We wrote our questions down remembering to use a question mark and
put them into practice by asking different people in the class
our questions and listening to their answer. Next we will explore
exclamations and commands.

Great Fire of London Model

This week we painted the houses we will use to make our Great Fire of
London model. We thought carefully about how the houses would have looked
in London during this time. We then turned cardboard boxes inside out and
painted them using black and white. Next Thursday we will be burning down
the model, to help us visualise how this would have looked (on a tiny
scale). Thank you to everyone who brought in boxes for us to paint.

Worry Monsters

In PSHE we have been thinking about worrying; what this means and how it
can make us feel. We read the story ‘the Huge Bag of Worries’ and discussed
strategies to help us if we feel this way. We then made our own worry
monsters, something we can use to tell our worry to or write it down and
put it inside. The monster will then take the worry away and help us to get
rid of it. The monsters looked great and by the end of the lesson, lots of
us felt like our worries had already been taken away.

After the Fire…

After the fire stopped, Sir Christopher Wren had to redesign many of the
buildings in London including St Paul’s Cathedral as it stands today. He
also designed the monument, a building that represents the Great Fire of
London and reminds us of this significant historical event. In table
groups, we were set a challenge to build our own monument to remember the
fire using different construction tools. We also had to come up for a name
for our new building. Our buildings were fantastic and the names we gave
them were too; the Farriner, the Flame, the Represent Building, the Scow
and the Tower.

Great Fire of London

We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London this half term. We
have spoken about the significant individuals involved, why the fire
started, how long it lasted and what happened after. In order to think
about what happened on each day, each table had to role play a day from the
fire, from Sunday 2nd September 1666 to Thursday 5th September 1666. We had
to think about what happened on each day, why and what this may have looked
like to act out. Here are some photos to show what we came up with…

PE in the Sun

Here are a few snaps of us enjoying the last few days of (warm) sunshine,
doing PE with Mr Owers. We have been learning ball skills and been using a
racket to hit the ball using both hands.