Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ Beds

After writing about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we were set a Forest a
School challenge… We had to use things in the forest to make three beds
and ensure they were all different…. One big, one medium and one small as
well as one hard, one soft and one just right. We had to consider how they
felt and use the appropriate materials in order to complete the challenge

Football with Mr Owers

We loved learning football skills with Mr Owers. We practised dribbling
with the ball and using both feet. We gained speed and precision as we
practised and found it really fun. Thank you Mr Owers for your enjoyable PE
lessons this term.

Story Writing Workshop

We had a story telling workshop based on traditional tales. We heard the
story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and our story teller retold her own
version. We then created story maps to make up our own adaptations. They
were great! We use the story maps to write our own stories independently
and showed parents these at parents consultations. They are also up on the
wall in our classroom so please have a look.


The children have absolutely loved learning dance routines with Miss
Barnfield this term. We will continue after Christmas and hope to put on
another performance for parents to watch at some point. On this particular
occasion Christopher lead our dance class with a song from planes, by
Christopher’s favourite band… ACDC. Thank you Miss Barnfield for all your
hard work.

Gunpowder Mills

We had a fantastic trip to the Gunpowder Mills where we learned all about
life in the 1600s. We watched a play showing us what happened during the
Gunpowder Plot and made lanterns like the one Guy Fawkes would have had in
the cellar. We learned about food and servants used by the rich people and
also the toys they would have played with. It was a brilliant day.

Leaf Patterns

We used leaves to make patterns in Forest School. We experimented with
colour and repeating patterns.

Story Teller

During Book Week we were lucky enough to listen to a traditional tale told
by story teller Kathryn Holt. We first looked at treasure from a basket and
thought about stories we could tell using these items. Then we listened to
Kathryn tell a story and we joined in with the actions and repetitive
lines. It was really enjoyable and inspired us to come up with our own
story telling ideas.

London’s Burning

These pictures show the model we built whilst learning about the Great Fire
of London. We painted houses and stuck them together to create a London
scene. We burnt it down outside by watching the fire start in Farriner’s
Bakery on Pudding Lane. We discussed the fire spreading so quickly because
the houses were close together and the wind was strong. We hope to add the
video soon.