World Book Day 2016

We had a terrific world book day this year filled with lots of exciting
activities. We enjoyed seeing who won the Patron’s Cup competition where we
had been reading loads and loads of books. We made bookmarks in class, did
some buddy reading with year 1 and also with Nursery. Later on we wrote a
set of instructions for how to make a marvellous medicine, as we had been
working on instructions that week. We then followed the instructions
carefully and made our very own marvellous medicine. We also came dressed
in some wonderful costumes too. Overall it was a great day to celebrate our
love of books.

We Love the Beach

One of our favourite things to do in year 2 is to sit in the reading beach
and explore different books. Here is a snap of Oscar, Charlie and Oliver
looking super cosy in the beach. Can you spot what they’re reading? It’s
The Book With No Pictures… Definitely another favourite of ours.

Telling the Time.

To help us tell the time, we made our own clocks. We labelled them
carefully to show o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter too. But we
also labelled every 5 minutes to help us read the time at 5 past, 10 past
and so on. We then challenged each other to say a time which we then had to
show on our own clock.

Our Fantastic Stories

One day we came into school and the smart board was blue. We got so excited
because it was like something strange had happened. Then we noticed the
carpet was blue, our drawers were blue, the pens were blue and even our
jumpers were blue. So we decided to write a story called ‘The Dat
Everything Turned Blue.’ We wrote the stories independently to see what we
could come up with. Miss Balan was so impressed because our stories were
terrific! They were such wonderful stories because they had been inspired
by what happened that day.

We shared our stories with year 1 and they really enjoyed them. In return,
they read us their Rosie’s Walk books they had written. Their books were
brilliant too!

Handa’s Surprise

We did a lot of work on the story Handa’s Surprise this term. We retold the
story, made up our own versions, planned story boards and wrote new
stories. We also created lots of art work of the key pictures from the
story for a display on the wall. If you haven’t already done so, come in
and see the display of our work.

Sugar Detectives

We carried out an investigation in science to investigate the amount of
sugar in different drinks. The drinks we looked at were Coke, lemonade,
apple juice, fizzy orange and water. Once we had read the sugar contents we
measured the amount out in teaspoons. We were shocked to see what a bottle
of Coke contained over 10 teaspoons of sugar. Where as water contained
none. We were also surprised that apple juice also contained a lot of
sugar. It was clear that water is definitely the best for us to drink but
we also discussed that it’s ok to drink some sugary drinks every now and