Names in Nature Part 2

Names in Nature

We found natural materials outside including twigs, flowers and stones then
used them to write our names with. Don’t they look great?

Forest School Three Little Pigs

Whilst learning about materials we were set a task to build a new house for
the three little pigs using natural materials in the forest. We had to
think about what we could use to build a strong house that wouldn’t be
blown down by the big bad wolf. Here are some pictures of our creations.

Practising our Punctuation

A few weeks ago we learned how to use speech marks correctly in our work,
to help us prepare for when we wrote our Charlie’s Bag stories. We
practised by working in partners and saying something to our partner. They
had to write down what we said by recording it in speech marks. We then
checked to see whether they had used them correctly or not and help them if
they hadn’t.

Wroxham Time Fun

One week during Wroxham time some of us decided to make our own art
exhibition outside. We stuck our pictures to the wall and tried to
encourage people to buy them, almost like you’d see on holiday. It was lots
of fun and some of the year ones were very keen to buy our masterpieces.


Here are some photos from when we made our own telephones whilst learning
about Alexander Graham Bell and the invention of the telephone. We learnt
how sound travels along a wire by vibrating before it is converted back
into sound waves at the other end. We made our own telephones using plastic
cups and string then tested them out by one person speaking into a cup and
the person at the other end listening into the cup. Not only did they work
but we were also able to have up to a 4 ways conversation by tying pairs of
cups around each other.

Special Science Lesson

We were lucky enough to have Christopher’s dad, who is a science teacher,
come in to carry out some science with the class. We took part in two
extremely exciting activities, one involving balloons bursting and the
other involving fitting a boiled egg inside a test tube.

It was a brilliant afternoon and we were very lucky to try out these
exciting experiments.

Thank you to Christopher’s mum and dad for giving up their afternoon to
come in.