Performance Poetry

This week year 2 have been performing poems by various Authors. They watched some clips of Michael Rosen performing some of his own poetry in order to see what makes a performance have an impact on the audience. They absolutely loved watching these and found them rather hilarious.


They then had a go, in groups, at performing On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan and The Morning Rush by John Foster. Their performances were terrific and each group was able to bring these poems to life in different ways. Very impressive year 2!





Maths Games

Check out these links to websites for useful maths games…

Topic update

Our topic this half term is Inventions. This week looked at the Wright Brothers’ invention of the aeroplane. Year 2 spent the afternoon designing and making their own planes, before having a fantastically fun flying session outside on the playground. We thought you might like to see how they got on!


Settling into Year 2

We hope you all had a lovely half term break and are ready for another busy half term ahead, especially with the run up to Christmas. Here are some photos to show some of the things we have been up to whilst settling into year 2. The activities include making a worry monster, creating our own buckets after reading the story ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today?’, crafting dream catchers based on our work around the BFG and performing poetry, as well as making and sharing our books for our reading adventure ‘Lost in Books.’ We are looking forward to the half term ahead!

img_4026 img_4027 img_4028 img_4029 img_4030 img_4031 img_4032 img_4033 img_4034 img_4037 img_4038 img_4039 img_4040 img_4041 img_4042 img_4043 img_4044 img_4045 img_4046 img_4047 img_4049 img_4050 img_4052 img_4053 img_4118 img_4119 img_4120 img_4121 img_4122 img_4123 img_4124 img_4125 img_4126 img_4128 img_4255 img_4256 img_4257 img_4258 img_4259 img_4260 img_4261 img_4269 img_4270 img_4271 img_4272 img_4276 img_4277 img_4278 img_4279 img_4280 img_4281 img_4282 img_4283 img_4284 img_4285 img_4286 img_4287 img_4288 img_4289 img_4290 img_4337 img_4338 img_4339 img_4340 img_4341 img_4342 img_4344 img_4345 img_4346 img_4347 img_4348 img_4349 img_4365 img_4366 img_4367 img_4368 img_4369 img_4370 img_4371 img_4372 img_4373 img_4374 img_4444 img_4445 img_4446 img_4447 img_4448 img_4449 img_4450 img_4451 img_4452 img_4453 img_4481 img_4482 img_4483 img_4484 img_4485 img_4486 img_4487 img_4488 img_4491 img_4492 img_4493 img_4494 img_4495 img_4496 img_4497 img_4498 img_4504 img_4505 img_4506 img_4507 img_4508 img_4509 img_4510 img_4511 img_4512 img_4514 img_4515 img_4516 img_4517 img_4518 img_4519 img_4520

img_4521 img_4522 img_4523

Names in Nature Part 2

Names in Nature

We found natural materials outside including twigs, flowers and stones then
used them to write our names with. Don’t they look great?

Forest School Three Little Pigs

Whilst learning about materials we were set a task to build a new house for
the three little pigs using natural materials in the forest. We had to
think about what we could use to build a strong house that wouldn’t be
blown down by the big bad wolf. Here are some pictures of our creations.

Practising our Punctuation

A few weeks ago we learned how to use speech marks correctly in our work,
to help us prepare for when we wrote our Charlie’s Bag stories. We
practised by working in partners and saying something to our partner. They
had to write down what we said by recording it in speech marks. We then
checked to see whether they had used them correctly or not and help them if
they hadn’t.

Wroxham Time Fun

One week during Wroxham time some of us decided to make our own art
exhibition outside. We stuck our pictures to the wall and tried to
encourage people to buy them, almost like you’d see on holiday. It was lots
of fun and some of the year ones were very keen to buy our masterpieces.