Show and Tell Round 2

Well done to everyone who showed something to the class today, you did a
terrific job at talking about your chosen object and answering questions on
the spot. Well done to the audience too for asking lots of clever
questions, it showed you were really listening.

Today we had Abigail show her ballet shoes, medal and certificates, Taylor
showed some stickers he got when he went to watch the racing with his dad
and brother. Maddie showed us a puppet her mum brought her back from Italy
and Robyn showed us a special pen she uses to write with. Macie talked to
us about Brownies and the things she uses there and Evie showed us her
Build-a-Bear called Sophie. Avani had a sand art from the Isle of Wight and
Aaryan had a special Indian outfit and magnet of the Taj Mahal. Eva did a
marvellous magic trick for us and Alex showed us his Blue Peter badge.

Well done everyone and I’m looking forward to seeing some more
exciting things tomorrow from those yet to show.

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